!!!Underdeveloped DIscography Page!!!

Motyka - If All I Do is Wait - Guitar on all tracks but 1

Organ Grinder featured on Tensor Tracks

Motyka - By Keeping Doing - guitar on 'Draw'

The Armed - ULTRAPOP - solo guitar on Faith in Medication

Wet Hands - For Mom, For Dad - Guitar on For Dad

David Voss - Pictures at an Inhibition - Guitar on Going So Soon

Ed Petersen and Andy Pitcher - Music Merchants - improvised guitar on all tracks

Taylor Ackley and the Deep Roots Ensemble -  Songs from the Bitterroot - Mandolin on  Far From Home, Birds, &  That Don't Bother Me


Video Collaborations and Press Coverage:

DVR - entropy

Freaks No Geeks - Standing Still

Hunter Ellis First 3 tracks princess daddy


Skin Tension OMNI_O freebass 1+2